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I am originally from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I was raised in the country and spent my summers climbing trees and running barefoot through the forest. I grew up a voracious reader, and practically lived in my elementary school library, reading every Nancy Drew book they had on the shelves. To me, books have always been a window to magic and wonder, a way to learn, to feel seen, and to have my emotions validated. 


I now live in Los Angeles with my husband and daughter. I have a master's degree in teaching and taught kindergarten, first, and second grade for seven years, finding ways to incorporate literature and art into subjects such as math and science. One of my greatest joys as a teacher was helping kids find those special books that spoke to them, the ones they couldn't put down. I am an active participant in multiple critique groups and a member of SCBWI and Julie Hedland’s 12x12.

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